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Albetta Dolls

“Creating a gorgeous world for little ones with our range of handmade, ethically-accredited toys, baby clothes and gifts.”

Albetta's international designers work alongside skilled tailors and artisans to craft unique items that will endure for a lifetime. Designed in London and Paris, carefully crafted by artisans in Vietnam.

At Albetta USA, we are pleased to carry items that are exclusive to the U.S. market.


Organic Cotton - Recycled Fur

The garment sector is one of the world's most polluting industries. At Albetta we know that if we extend the life of a garment by NINE months, we reduce its carbon and water footprint by 30%. It has been our policy from the early days to make our garments from high quality fabrics, using thread and accessories that are free from harmful chemicals, so that they can be washed and dried multiple times without losing quality. All of our garments undergo wash and colorfastness tests. We have schemes in place to re-use and recycle all our waste fabric and any excess garments are donated to charities or given to our employees.

The Albetta factory complies with the principles of the Ethical Trade Initiative (ETI) which promotes workplaces that are free from exploitation and discrimination where workers enjoy conditions of freedom and security and equity.

You may have to pay a little bit more for an Albetta garment, but in the long run it is more economical, better for our workforce, and better for the planet.

To learn even more, visit: Albetta Global.

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